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BA Survey Trip

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

BUENOS AIRES, the Paris of South America and a city of contrast. Bright lights and being packed into the sardine can called the subway and quiet strolls on cobbled streets; city parks that remind one of the most populated beaches in the world on Sunday's but are peaceful places for parents and baby strollers during the week; people who work long hours and don't have a lot of free time and when having a cup of coffee with friends will spend a minimum of two hours over that cup talking; being reserved and untrusting with people they pass on the street but being kind and talkative to people who show sincere interest and ask questions; expensive rents and high priced living mixed with a multitude of free offerings in museums, live music and classes over any topic.

This is the BA we found on our trip. Overwhelming in its size and population and intimate in its friendships and gatherings. We came with the hope of seeing how ministry could work and we saw God moving. There were three baptisms in the two weeks we were in BA- not a common occurrence and one we believe God used for our benefit. In one of those, Brent Franques baptized another team member's daughter, Brittany.

We asked for signs that people would be receptive and we then walked onto a train where there was a woman reading a huge Bible and listening to praise music. As we left BA, in the airport there was a backpacker sitting on the floor waiting for a flight reading his Bible.

While in BA, we met ex- missionaries that "happened" to be visiting at the same time and who shared some of their experiences and spoke of the need for gospel workers in BA. We spent time with cuurent missionaries in BA who spoke openly of their ministries and the culture.

We spent time as a team praying, worshipping God, reading His Word together, talking about issues, thoughts, feelings and family. After two weeks, as a whole we have more security, peace and direction than before. We believe the Gospel will bear fruit in BA.

BA needs teams. There are at the moment only four full time ministers of the CofC in a city twice the population of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. And even with so few who can dedicate large amounts of time to the sharing of the Gospel they have had at least nine baptisms this year. The workers are few but we have seen for ourselves in a short time that the harvest is there.

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