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I shared a beautiful afternoon with Nathali and Margot and am thankful to God as I enjoy the friendship of these women. I also thank God they are getting to know me more and I share about who God is and what He does in our lives and the love he has for us! My son gets along well with their children. We enjoyed the birthday of Matías, one of Nehemias' best friends, and they even decided to celebrate his birthday early because we were going to be traveling to the States to visit his sister Naomi.

These days have been difficult for me, with my emotions, good and bad. I am very sad about my friend, Liliana's, decision to move to Santa Cruz. It has been a great blessing and encouragement for me and everyone to know her and share the seed of the Gospel with her. She had been coming to all the church activities and she has a big heart. Here at home enjoying some cheese empanadas that I made.


Women's Day!! We women did something special and we went bowling and shared a pizza. We invited some moms from our children's school and the church. It was fun but we forgot about a group photo. It was great to share with them and listen to their struggles , worries and problems that women go through, as mothers and wives, and I liked that my friend Margot brought her daughter too.

At the soccer class that Nehemias goes to, I made friends with these women who were always attentive to listen to me. I have given them a church brochure or told them about different activities in the church. Please pray for the seed of the word of God to touch their hearts and for them to seek God.

(Left: Susana and her son; Right: Celinda and her 2 sons)

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