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Family Retreat

The last week in Ecuador we had a retreat over the weekend with Lorie's family to share and continue preserving unity. There are few families that seek to be united and share together. Lorie grew up with her mother, siblings, aunts, cousins, and her grandmother where they lived in the same house and thus helped each other. Seeing unity in this family is encouraging, because they are a great example to continue teaching new generations. Lorie's grandmother loved God very much, she was an example for everyone to follow Christ and now the whole family is Christian. A special characteristic that grandmother had is that she was faithful to God and was the first to start going to church.

I like how the family is, simple, humble, generous, very helpful and hard-working.

At the retreat I was in charge of leading the devotionals and giving the message in the service.

We left Ecuador on Tuesday, January 30 and arrived in Santa Cruz Bolivia early Wednesday; We stayed at the Perez family's house (members of the church in Santa Cruz) because the little children were tired and were not going to be able to handle another flight right away to Tarija. Brother Erik and his wife Patricia, are very hospitable and whenever we pass through Santa Cruz they are willing to give us lodging. On Thursday the first of February, with God's blessing, we arrived home.

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