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Road Trip and Plan B

"Let your life reflect the faith you have in God. Fear nothing and pray about everything. Be strong, trust God's word, and trust the process." - Germany Kent

When people hear the phrase “road trip”, usually fun, carefree, ready for the spur of

the moment- well, moments- are what we think of. That and getting lost or stuck in some

random place. The road trip we and the Franques are making hopefully has some of these

aspects and is lacking in others. Our purpose for the road trip: making connections with

churches and trying to raise support. We are trying to meet with people who have gotten

back with us and want to meet in person to hear about the work. We will be meeting with

churches in Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee. We are praying and hopeful that through these

meetings God will open doors that will lead to us raising the support we lack. (Go to the

“sponsor” link at the top of the webpage to get up to date information on the finances.)

We are confident that He will provide, in His time and in His way. We are not only

praying for the financial support, but for churches who will support us in prayer,

encouragement and will be excited for what God has planed in Argentina and have faith in

the Holy Spirit’s work.

We are excited about this new work and already see God working and providing in so many

ways. We are excited about this road trip where we get to share this with others. The

Franques and I are also looking forward to the moments together to pray, talk, share

ideas and have times of praising God together. It’s going to be over a week and a half of

travel and hard on the girls but even in that, God has blessed us because having the

girls together will make it easier on them.


A question we have received is what if you don’t get the funds? What is plan B? For us,

God is calling us to Argentina. We all know it. We all have that conviction. Although

things might change directions in the future, we have to walk in the conviction we have

right now. If we (this team right now) had a plan B, our focus would be divided, our

faith would waver and our trust in God would be lacking. The only reason we would have a

Plan B would be because of finances and that compared to everything else (like getting

our hearts prepared and giving us boldness and trust) is an easy thing for God to


Many times the way is not always linear and there are many bumps, curves and stops along

the way, but usually you keep going towards the destination. Sometimes that destination

changes but you don’t go into the trip with two destinations in mind. We all have our

tickets and arrival dates into Buenos Aires: On February 21 for Pilar and I, and April 17

for the Cabrera and Franques families. We will be staying at Air bnb’s this year because

most places require a three year contract and we are only staying in the Almagro

neighborhood of Buenos Aires for 2020 to be by the Redentor Church while we learn from

them and then in 2021 we will be moving to another neighborhood to start a church. God

has blessed us by providing Air bnb’s (we already have the contracts done) that had the

time frame we needed open and that are in close vicinity to each other. Almagro is a

smaller neighborhood with a population of around 139,000 (as of 2001) in a 1.6 sq mile


Neighborhood of Almagro


Please keep our safety, the girls’ tolerance, our health (Pilar is starting to feel bad)

and the purpose for this trip in your constant prayers. God moves because of prayers and

we are looking forward to sharing the fruit of your prayers with you in the coming weeks.

If anyone has a contact that they think might want to hear from us, please email us or

text us

May God continue to grow our faith as we trust in Him.

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