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Tea and End of the Year

We have a women’s tea almost every month and the three musketeers (Lorie, Angela and I) are usually at work. It’s great when we all work together with each one doing her part and our last Tea was no exception. It was before Christmas so I taught how to do a Christmas craft. We made a sign with cardboard, clothe, hot glue and burlap. Each person could write their own message on their sign with something like peace or joy. Many ended up putting phrases about the family which I loved. Along with some who have come before, we also had three new visitors. Gaby and Jireth who are university students who has come a couple of times to our contact center and other things and Jireth invited her friend Gisel. We enjoyed a good lesson by Angela and also enjoyed the waffles that Lorie made. It was a good time to get to know people and share the love of God. Everyone was happy.


Doddy at El Camino

I am also very happy and grateful for the Doddy’s (my oldest son’s) heath. Thanks to God, he is doing good and his blood pressure and heart are not bothering him any more. He has had follow up test done and things are normal now. God is good and faithful everyday.

My youngest son Nehemias was very happy to finish fifth grade and very thankful for his new school where he was able to get caught up with his classmates. It was very hard the first year we were in Tarija as Ecuador and Bolivian schools are very different and he had gone into the wrong grade here- one year ahead. This year we switched schools so he could repeat that grade and his teachers were excellent in explaining things to him.

I am thankful for the prayers for my sons, for all of us and for the work here in Tarija.

Blessings from on high.

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