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A united church in the midst of a divided country

You may have seen the news... Bolivia has gone through a complete political and social transition. This paralyzed the country completely. For twenty-two days everything was closed except for vendors of food and a few other shops. Banks, schools, government agencies and many other businesses were closed down during this time. During the protests and blockades, the church in Sucre took a week to fast for Bolivia.

Thanks to God, Sucre’s protests where peaceful. Other cities were not and there was fighting and deaths that happened during the protest. We are thankful to God that the time of protests and blockades has finished. Evo Morales has resigned as president and a temporary president (Jeanine Añiez) has been assigned until a new election can take place (in 90 days).

During this time, we got together with the youth of the church and their friends and continued in evangelism. God is always at work and His church is also. Thank you to all who have kept Bolivia and us in your prayers during this time. Please continue praying for Bolivia.

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