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Franques family update

A lot has changed in our world this month. It is a hard time for so many of our friends and loved ones. On top of the peril that this virus has brought to the physical health of so many, there is anxiety that creeps in, fear rearing it's ugly head at every turn, threatening to kill faith, steal joy and destroy hope. It is heart-breaking for the ones who are lonely and in need, the ones who have had their jobs terminated or are going without pay, the ones who are dealing with cancer or weakened immune systems and feel the added stress of this virus making things worse. There are many people working so hard right now as their jobs are so needed, when they wish they too could be at home. And even for all those at home, there are struggles!

Yet there is so much good going on right before our eyes if we would look for it and dare to be a part of it. I've witnessed only a small piece of it and it has blessed my heart tremendously to dwell on what God is doing in the midst of what seems to be a negative situation. Just in a few weeks, I have seen neighbors drop off food at each other's doorsteps, phone call "hugs" being made just to check in, parents investing in the lives of their young children in a way that has never happened before, people diving into scripture together and praying over daily video chats, individuals seeking God desperately on their knees and in His Word, people recognizing that many things they have been forced to give up were really a "god" they have been serving for far too long, and love and care being extended daily in creative ways that only make you desire to jump in and do something too.

Even though the flow of "life" has been disrupted, people who have Christ, have true LIFE, and take hold of it even through trials like this one.

I'd like to hear your story that you will have to tell as well, how God has been faithful to you, how He has taken care of you when you needed it most, guided you through your difficulties and helped you through the unknowns. (email us at !)

At this time, our story has been mild in comparsion to some people's faith journeys and struggles, but it has taken faith and strength from the Father, nonetheless.

This month we were supposed to be preparing to leave for Argentina to start a new life there as missionaries, a dream and a passion that God has long placed in our hearts. (Even under normal circumstances, we were anticipating the courage we would need for this drastic life change.)

We had a garage sale planned to sell most of our household items and it has now begun to appear that we would need those items a bit longer still!

Argentina is on a lockdown even more strict than we can imagine here in the U.S. Vanessa and Angela are both stuck indoors for the time being and are doing well! (Angela and her daughter Pilar shared a story with us that as she tried to leave to get needed groceries, she was warned that she could be fined for having her daughter out on the street.) Argentina also currently has a no-entry rule placed on it's borders and it will likely be extended through April.

We as a family have prayed about the future and for wisdom through all this. We are also also considering the best options for us and the birth of our baby girl who is due in September. We had planned for her to be born in Argentina, yet it looks as if God is leading us to different plans with all that is going on.

Please be praying for our family that God will continue to walk with us and get us to Argentina in His timing! As of right now, our departure day is postponed at least a few months and if not a little longer so that our little one can be born before leaving. We are supremely grateful to have the blessings of family, friends and you as our loving supporters to go with us on this journey and pray for us.

We are also thankful for times of waiting and times of trial because we know that our faith is growing, our God is still at work and His love never failing. I hope you and your family are finding that to be true as well!

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