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Baking and Prayer

Time with Ronald and Noemi

This month has been such a blessing as we get to know people, spending time with them at their places of work or having them in our house and sharing the blessings that our heavenly Father has given us. I’ve also been baking cookies and cakes for our neighbors from our old neighborhood and trying to keep those relationships open. With our old landlady, I go walking in the morning once or twice a week. She is a believer and we spend time praying as we walk. This is a great encouragement to me.


This month I shared a message about the importance of prayer and my own experiences in how God has helped me through prayer at the women’s tea. There is always so much that could be said and that I wanted to say, but I whittled it down and tried to leave them with some simple steps to help them in prayer (like gratitude and listening). I need to continue learning and growing in my communication with my good Father and preparing for the study was good for me. I found some small, fun prayer journals at a Bible store here and was able to buy some to give to the ladies at the tea to encourage them in their prayer life.

Women's tea and the prayer journals


We continue to persevere in the work of our heavenly Father with the certainty that God goes before us each day no matter what the circumstances we go through are.

God bless each of you.

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