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Celebrating the Birth of Jesus

In December, a month that is special, humanity celebrates Christmas, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. People decorate their houses to receive Jesus with multi-colored adornments, a tree full of lights and presents around that tree as we announce the presence of the Messiah. Families get together, share gifts, eat together and celebrate Christmas.

At church, we celebrated the birth of Jesus with a series of sermons about “Peace of earth and good will to men”. It was nice to celebrate the birth of Jesus as we worshiped Him along side those who worshiped Him at His birth. To feel the love of Christ motivates us to compassion and empathy towards others. This is the mission we have on earth: to share the goodness of God.

For me especially, it brings me lots of good memories of my childhood and youth the songs of praise to God that they sing in the Catholic church. At that time, I was Catholic because all my family was Catholic. That changed when the Gospel of Christ came into my life at 16. After that my grandmother and my mom were baptized into Christ. Those songs of my childhood have stayed with me and it gives me much joy to sing them now in church with members and also with visitors, the majority who are Catholic and who also recognize these songs.

God bless.

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