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Visitors and Birthdays

I am grateful and blessed for this new year! Thank you for your support and prayers for all of us; you are our angels that God places to magnify His is work.

I had a beautiful day with Liliana and our children last month. She invited us to her house to share and we also went out to the park. My husband and the children had fun with a Nerf war. I am blessed by her friendship and affection and continue to encourage her life in her search for God. She always says that no one told her about God before this. Please pray for her life, the many questions she has, and her desire to continue learning and knowing about God. I told her about baptism, the importance of obeying God's love for us, etc. My husband is also always answering her questions and also sharing the word of God. I love her personality and her friendship. I encourage her and invite her to women's activities and to the church, where, thanks be to God, she has been attending.


In January we had visitors! Beymar, María José, and a brother from Colombia Humberto were a great blessing and joy for us this month. A lot of people travel on these dates for school holidays. I enjoyed sharing my desserts and my Ecuadorian food along with the affection of these brothers and sister in Christ.


As I always say, my heart is full of gratitude to God for another birthday and enjoying the day with family and seeing the love of our good Father every day.

We also celebrated the 71st birthday of Don Julio at our home. He was happy and we love him very much. He almost always comes to our home as he says that we are his family and he is grateful that we are all looking out for him. We closed our birthday month with a celebration at the church. What a blessing!! I am very grateful for everyone's love. Grateful for you who are praying fervently for the work of our Lord Jesus Christ in Tarija.

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