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Church at Cow Creek

It seems like everyone had a similar idea today... There was a generous spirit at the Travis Peak Church of Christ Sunday gathering. As we all have been thrilled to finally be meeting in person again, different ones brought something to share among our small community of Christians. After services, bags of garden ripe tomatoes were handed out, as well as homegrown honey from one family's bees, and used Christian books that could pass along spiritual encouragement.

Our church has been meeting at Hensel Christian Youth Camp beside the creek as we have been coming back together after the Quarantine. Our church family has taken appropriate precautions doing the Zoom meetings for a few months and eventually, as time has progessed, we are meeting outside. Everyone brings their own chairs, we use "pre-packaged" communion cups, we choose songs that everyone is familiar with, or use the "Paperless Hymnal" on a T.V. screen, and by being outside, people are enjoying the fresh air and beauty of God's creation. God has blessed our time by encouraging our hearts as we praise His Name and read His Word.

It has been exciting to see all our brothers and sisters that we have missed and even new faces and weekly visitors! We have had a few families place membership and some others express their desire to soon be baptized in the creek. It is great to be able to sing together again as a group and time of worship has been a real encouragement to us as we are with our church family.

Even though these past few months have been difficult in many ways and for our family have not gone as expected, we truly feel blessed to call this church our home and family. We anticipate that the road ahead will not be easy with having another little baby, the move to Argentina as well as all the new life changes and work that will come with it.

Yet we are thankful to God for the encouragement, rest and peace we are experiencing here in the Texas Hill Country among the people that we hold very dear.

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