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We are getting to know people through different activities and we continue to pass out flyers to those who come to the Saturday market and invite people to come and see us at our contact center. We are trying to get to know the kids and youth who hang out at the playground/sports court by our house and El Camino. The court is set up to be used for soccer and basketball and this court is usually full and used all the time by people from the neighborhood, classes and games being played.

My kids, Nicole and Caleb, love to play soccer and we have been going on Saturday afternoons to play and offer refreshments to the other kids. The Saturday market also goes right by this park and so the kids spend all day there while their parents are selling things. We want to show these kids and their parents love and kindness and hopefully be able to share that this love comes from God.

Jose Carlos (8) and his sister Dayra (9) we met at the court and they are always there and don’t spend a lot of time at their house. They like to come to El Camino to play with our kids and are also learning of God’s love.

God bless.

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