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Franques Family Guest Blog

God has an amazing way of taking us to where we need to be. Even though things did not pan out as we envisioned to be able to go to Argentina or even to be there with the team in Bolivia now, we feel such thankfulness that God brought our family where He has and we would like to share with you some of what He has done.

Since January we have been teaching the youth of a small town Bilingual church east of San Antonio. It all started with our connection to this congregation about two years ago when LaNae's parents moved to accept the preaching position here in Nixon, TX. We would come visit and each time, our heart was stirred to what a loving group of Christians worshipped together there and also what a need there was for the Gospel to be spread in the spanish speaking community of the area.

Fast forward to November of 2020 when we called for a time of prayer because borders were still closed and we all were at a stand still with where to go and how to keep moving forward with plans. That week, in response to our prayers, God sent us a call from Bob, a leader in the church in Nixon and he told of the need to have a youth minister to work with their students. After prayer and consideration, we looked to see if God had opened that door for us. Within that same month of November, things fell into place quickly including finding a home to live in! We were blown away with how quickly God helped us to get here and by January we were teaching classes and the brothers of the church came to Marble Falls area to move us with their trucks, trailers and eager workers! God provided one thing after the next.

These past few months have been a wonderful start working with the youth and they are soaking up the classes and the Word being taught. We have been so encouraged by the church here and the zeal and passion they have for the Lord and for the truth being taught within the church and to the surrounding community. They invite their friends, family and neighbors and each Sunday, there seem to be new faces to greet! We are joyful to work alongside these brothers here and find our place serving in the Body of Christ in this town.

Please be praying for the work in this area and for the Lord to continue adding to His church, encouraging, leading and protecting His flock in Nixon Bilingual Church 0f Christ.

Below are some pictures of the moving day, activities with the youth, children's classes, and service on Sunday.

Glory to God for all He is doing and has done.

Sending our love to you all, The Franques family

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