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Greetings brothers and sisters. May the peace of out Lord Jesus be always with you. Thank you for the care you have for us and our families.

In April, Mary and I focused on serving in the hospital "Juan de Dios". There is really a lot od need in this hospital. It's not well looked after. The beds, the medical equipment, the floors are all very old. This place makes me reflect a lot on the care God has for each of us. I appreciate my health and that I do not need to be in a place like this hospital in such harsh conditions.

Veronica attends church with us but who is very inconsistent and had not appeared in a couple of months despite our tries to contact and visit her. She appeared again about a month ago and this brought me much joy to se her and her family. We went to visit her stepfather last month as Don Bonifaz was in the hospital with high blood pressure. He also suffers from diabetes. It was good to meet him and we had the opportunity to pray for him and for others who were in the same hospital room. Don Francisco and Don Bautista were two of the men in the room with Veronica's stepfather and we were able to to take food to their families on two occasions. Often the patients are not from Tarija but from towns sometimes very far away and it is hard on the families. Many do not even have money for the medicine and supplies the hospitals need. (Here if the hospital needs to give you a shot, an IV, whatever, they will give a prescription to the patients family who then needs to go get the list at a pharmacy or medical supply store). It's very sad how many families who have people in the hospital have to live. Thanks to God, He put us in this place and we could aliviate a little the needs of some people.

I ask you to pray that God will permit us to continue to help our neighbors. I have much joy in my heart to help these people for the honor and glory of God.

The first Sunday that Veronica and her family came back to church, we went out to eat and then had some time to celebrate Children's Day. It was a good time, but again the family disappeared for a couple of weeks. We continue to seek them out and pray to God for them to have new life in Christ.

May God always bless your lives. Thank you for your help. We continue to persevere in the faith and have much encouragement to reach people for Christ.

Grace and peace.

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