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Note from Team: We are happy to announce that the Torres Family has joined our team! They worked with the Myers and Cabreras' in Sucre Bolivia for 10 years and were the ones who had the biggest influence in Vanessa's conversion. Get to know them by reading their biography by going to our home page an click on "Get to Know the Team" or go to "About" on the top of the webpage.


From Pancho and Mary:

For a long time I walked without Christ, enjoying the pleasures of the world - which in my case meant alcohol- but I knew that I was incomplete and empty and that I wasn’t being a good example for my family. I decided to seek Christ and after awhile, and thanks to the insistence of my older sister, I found the church of Christ. God has been showing me and my family His plans for us since then. I have been very blessed as I look back and remember where God brought me out of and the new opportunities He has given me. I have a lot of hope for all my family and a desire to share this with the world.


What has moved us to join this work? The principle motives that have inspired us to be a part of the El Camino Argentina team is God. We really enjoy working with the church and we are blessed to have this opportunity. It is a great challenge to leave our country again, but we trust in the Lord and in the marvelous things that He can do in the lives of people. We are eager to be preaching the Lord’s Gospel and see it touch people’s hearts. We are also encouraged by being able to work with this team since the experience we had in Bolivia was a great blessing in our lives. The Cabrera, Myers and Chura family have a special place in our hearts and we are very joyful to be working by their sides again. We hope to be of service in Hurlingham, Argentina and that my family will also continue to learn aid our powerful God and be in closer relationship with Him. We are thankful for this opportunity. God bless you greatly. Romans 11:36 “For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.”

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