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Lunches and Invites

Hello everyone!

May God always bless your lives and all your daily tasks, and much more in the work that you do for our Lord and God. Thank you very much for your help so that we can be able to continue in Tarija announcing the Good News of salvation.

This month has been very encouraging. More people continue to learn about the Camino and we continue to strengthen the friendships we already have. We are also inviting people constantly to our home to share food, watch soccer games, etc. We encourage them to learn more about Jesus through the service we give to our friends. We are happy because God is good and faithful at all times.

(The two pictures above are during the lunches we serve at El Camino)

We also continue to share about Jesus as we do university lunches. We prepare a meal about once a month and invite around 20 university students who walk by to come into El Camino (our contact center) for a free lunch.


Likewise we spend time with the family of Godofredo (who’s wife is Elvira and their two kids: Brencis and Mayra). We have had nice times with them. They are going through difficult times as a family, financially. We ask for your prayers for them. They are very encouraged despite the situation they are going through and they continue to search and ask about how they can be part of the church. All on the team have been involved with sharing the Gospel with them.

(Pictures. On the left: lunch at Godofredo's house. They run a little neighborhood store from the front of their house. On the right: watching a soccer game at my house with some of the guys.)


That's what I wanted to share with you, dear brothers and sisters. Thank you for everything you do for my family and the team.

Grace and peace to you.

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