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Marcelo and Saturdays

El Camino (our contact center by the University) is a good tool to make known the truth of the Word of God. Lately more people are entering El Camino for us to help them and guide them with the Bible.

For this reason, El Camino is becoming better known by university students. Some return, others do not, but the important thing is that the Word of God is preached and the seeds are sown in their hearts.

Like Marcelo, who came into El Camino for help clearing up his doubts with the Bible. Questions like, if he was doing the right thing in making promises to Saint Roch (San Roque), a pious saint from the past and who is now Tarija's patron saint. He had made a vow to Saint Roch promising to participate in the traditional dance celebrating Saint Roch in order to heal his father who was sick.

It was very good to help him see that God is the Creator of all and is aware of His creations’ needs and that we must ask Him for help.

Now he comes every week to El Camino to continue getting to know God through the Word and is bringing a friend with him.


On Saturdays the men continue to get together (all who can) to share a meal. In this picture we met at Don Julio's place and prepared a meal over fire. Don Julio, Pancho, Jonathan, Jaicler (a friend Jonathan invited) and myself spent time talking as we prepared the food and had a small Bible study also.

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