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Men's Group and Mate

We are trying to create a constant group of men and for that reason on Saturdays we have begun to have a time together to share either at a home or outdoors in order to form stronger bonds of friendship.

The culture here is that people get to know each other by eating a churrasco, (grilled meat) and (drinking mate) a hot drink with natural herbs which is a traditional from Argentina. While the food is prepared over a slow heat, they are chatting and drinking mate and in this way people spend hours together.

Little by little we are getting used to this new culture, and learning to drink mate! Part of drinking mate is to share/ pass around the same cup which has a (usually) metal straw. You fill the cup with the loose tea and have a thermos of hot water which you use to constantly refill the cup as it needs.

It is very good to live with people from a different culture, to know them as they are and to love them as Christ would.

With this in mind, the intention is to dedicate time to share among men - to get to know each other better where trust and patience with each other can grow.

It is also a time to invite friends that we are getting to know and the hope is that in the future there will be faithful disciples of Christ.

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