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New Brother

Hello! We are very pleased to greet you and we hope that the blessing of our Lord Jesus are being poured out on your lives with strength, holiness and peace.

We want to share with you the joy of having a new brother- David. He is the step-brother of Lorie and we are living in the same house right now in Cuenca, Ecuador. About 2 years ago, David heard the Gospel with his family and his older sister and later his father and younger sister were baptized. He had passed through difficult situations in his childhood, like the separation of his parents because of work and later the death of his mother due to a stroke. He had been carrying these pains for many years and finally could no longer keep going with this weight. He wanted to get closer to God like his father and sisters and didn’t want to stay on the path of a sad life separated from God.

About three months ago, we began to talk every day and I was so happy that David had starting seeking God by his own will. The studies went well because we focused on being followers of Christ in a sincere and willing way based in love. The conversations we had were really good and he showed great interest in continuing learning more about Christ. On the 26th of December, David committed his life to Christ. It is so good to see people seeking God and we can be close so as to help them. People are more receptive to those outside their family. Our desire is that God continues to use us and that we continue getting to know more people who need Christ. God bless you all.

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