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During this time the team has been focusing more on prayer because if we put prayer first God will open the hearts of the people so that we can share His Word in their lives. To plant the seed, first the land must be prepared and through prayer God prepares lives.

There has been obstacles to evangelizing. At the begging of the year we had planned different activities at El Camino and then we all got sick. It was most likely Covid. Mary was the only one to get tested and she came back positive, but we all had the same symptoms. Thanks to God it was not severe and the team was better in two weeks. It's as if Satan is getting in the way so that we can not work openly with people so they can know Christ. And it's not just the pandemic, but people are indifferent and really dug into their beliefs based in traditions.

The team gathers to pray Tuesdays in the mornings and Thursdays in the afternoon. I am also in prayer group that Pancho leads on WhatsApp. This group includes people from Sucre and it began two years ago when the pandemic hit. It is a great group of believers who have a big heart for interceding for others. It is called "Prayer and Study Group" and we sing, share a message and pray. It gathers Tuesdays and Fridays early in the morning. It's a great blessing and gives us strength as we encourage one another in Christ to continue forward. This group has been a great example for us.

God bless you all.

Juan Cabrera

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