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Students and Friendship

Greetings to my family in the faith!

(Photos: Nayeli and Kendall in EL Camino with a friend and Doddy; At the Women's tea; Doing a craft at the Women's Tea. )

We are very blessed by your prayers and we thank you for thinking of us! This last month of September, my family and I were very encouraged to meet two university students in the contact center in front of the university. My son and I were passing out fliers and Nayeli and Kendall came in to have a free coffee and talk. I like their personalities and interest that they have shown in the church and getting to know God. I encouraged them by telling them that it was not a coincidence that they came across the contact center. They have been inviting friends and I have their phone numbers and had been inviting them to different activities and although they have not answered the calls or texts one came to the women’s tea. I felt very content to see her at the tea and she was able to meet some of the other members of the team. Since then, she has come to El Camino almost daily because she wants to know more about God and she brings her friends. She was the first university student that we have invited who came to an activity. I am praying for her and hope she starts coming to church and maybe some other activities and that God will do great things in her life. She studies the Bible with my son Doddy and others in El Camino. I am happy and impacted by what God is doing and this encourages me to persevere and I see how God works in His own way and that is incredible. Nayeli is studying law here in Tarija.


This is Marcela and her son Matias. I am getting to know her as our sons are in the same soccer practice. She also brings her two nephews. I am making a friend and, in that friendship, telling her about my job as a missionary. In the picture they are eating some cookies I had made for Friendship Day. I ask for your prayers that she will want to come to church or some other activity. She has told me that Sundays are hard for her since it is the only day she doesn’t have to work and she gets up late and then has to do the weekly marketing, washes clothes and other things.

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