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Studying the Life of Christ

Greetings, dear brothers and sisters. May the peace and love of Jesus always be with each one of you. We are very grateful for what you do for each one of us and pray that God will always multiply the blessings in your lives and prosper your ways at all times.

(Men's meeting on Saturday at restaurant.) (Home study with Daniel and Jose.)

My family and I wanted to share what has been happening in the month of June. We have had several activities that have encouraged us a lot. We began Bible studies at our home with Daniel and José over the life of Christ. It is really very edifying for me as I prepare these studies. We are also getting together as men on Saturdays to make a typical Ecuadorian meal and invite the friends we know and in this way we are getting to know each other better and making friends. God is blessing the results and we are very grateful to our God for that.


(Juan, Don Julio and myself)

From June 7 to 10, I was in a workshop in Cochabamba. Every three months the Church of this city conducts training workshops for all the leaders and members of the Churches of Christ in Bolivia who want and can attend. It was a nice learning time. I invited the elderly man Don Julio to go with me. (We have mentioned him before. He is 70 and studying law in the university.) He has been meeting with us regularly on Sundays and is very helpful and service hearted. I wanted him to be able to go to this workshop so that he knows more about Christ and the family of faith. In this workshop we studied the life of Christ. It was very edifying and very encouraging for my life to remember the wonderful work of Jesus, and His earthly ministry. The brothers who gave the seminar were Fernando Sandoval and Jonathan Hanegan. It was a great joy to see them again after some time without seeing them.


Nehemias' birthday with his soccer teammates

Also in June, all my children had their birthdays: Doddy turned 26 years old, Naomi 22 years old, and Nehemías 11 years old. Thank you for helping me pray for them. We are very blessed to have them.

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