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Greetings to each of you. May God bless your lives greatly. Thank you for your unconditional help of the Tarija team and my family. Thank you also for your prayers which help us to continue in perseverance and motivate us to continue forward despite adverse circumstances that we go through in the work. We are confident that God will sustain us and will guide us at all times during our mission as we continue to share the Good News with people.


In December my family went to spend the holidays in Sucre. It was a good as we spent time with the church and saw how God, in spite of situations and changes that they have gone through last year, has sustained them. The church continues to be faithful and with a desire to continue to work to enlarge the work of our beloved Jesus.

(With families in Sucre)

On the 25th I shared the Sunday message and on the 31st my son Doddy preached. My family was very blessed by how the church received us. There were many invitations and a lot of food. The truth is that the church there is very generous. We were also blessed to be present for two baptisms and the church told us that a couple of weeks prior there had been another two baptisms. This was indeed news that gave us much joy. We thank God for what He helped us to do in Sucre and how He continues to grow His body in Sucre. This always motivates us and fills us. We desire that God will do the same in Tarija. That He will permit us to see what He sees here. Often it is easy to fall into discouragement here because we do not see interest or responses in the people with which we do things. Often we feel frustrated , but we continue forward with the blessing of God. It will happen and not as we would maybe want. We continue to look for ways to be more effective in the mission work. I say good-bye for now sending an immense hug to all. May the Lord Jesus guard us always. Grace and peace be with you.

(More photos from Sucre:)

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