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Summer Time


In December I made cookies with Nehemias to give to our neighbors with the hope of getting to know them better since we don’t see them often. There are five families in our building not counting the neighbors in other buildings.


I am very grateful for our visit to Sucre. It’s our favorite place to go and we are blessed by the time we can spend with the church there. We shared good moments, laughter, seeing the kids as they have gotten bigger, the youth as young adults and the young adults now with families. It’s also good to meet the new members and hear their testimonies of what God is doing in each life. It was good to see my husband and son preaching there. Nehemias had such a good time playing with his friends. He invited some friends from church to the church building where we we staying to watch a movie and make cookies. I was also able to give a devotional to the women during their meeting. Even though because it was school vacation and during Christmas and New Year so not everyone was in Sucre or could come to the activities, it was a joy to see the church continuing strong and full of love.

We are very thankful for the hospitality of the church in Sucre and for the different invitations to spend time with us and the people we were able to go visit. I ask that you continue to pray for the church in Sucre and it’s leaders.


We continue to persevere in God and in the work here in Tarija. We continue to trust in His power and purpose for bringing people to Christ. We continue to visit people and share with the people we are getting to know.

In January we were blessed and filled with joy when our daughter Naomi came to visit us from the States and with Vanessa and her daughter Brittany visiting from Argentina. It was a great encouragement to have them here.

Thank you for always thinking of us. We hope you can also come to visit us sometime!

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