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Team update

It's mid July and our year has not gone the way we had all expected, but God has been faithful to care for us, lead us and provide for us as a team and individual families as well. We are in three different countries, yet we try to maintain regular communication and take time to pray together and for each other regularly. Each of our members have had our struggles during these past few months, but the coming months are looking more hopeful especially for the Cabrera and Myers families and the changes that are going on with them. This blog is a short summary of how each of us are doing and what is going on on our lives right now. As always, we ask you to pray for us with these specific situations that we are in and lift the future hopes and plans to God that He will bring them about in His good timing and will.

The Cabrera Family

Caleb Cabrera was born into their family on June 29th there in Ecuador, but because of breathing complications he was in critical care and what seemed a very scary situation for his parents his first few days. Many have been praying for him and his family during this last month. After 12 days in two different hospitals, he was finally able to go home and is doing much better. Juan, Lorie and Nicole are thrilled to finally have him out of the hospital and are getting adjusted to being a family of 4! They thank you for all of your continued prayers and concern you have shown. May God continue to help Caleb be strong and healthy and give strength to his parents as they care for their sweet newborn.

The Chura Family

Vanessa and Brittany have continued to be in Argentina's strict quarantine, yet they are staying connected with Redentor Church of Christ through weekly Zoom services and mid-week ladies studies. Nonetheless, it has still been a difficult time of not having the Christian community physically present with them as they so much miss and enjoy. Pray for Vanessa as she recently cut her hand pretty deeply in a kitchen accident and had to get stitches.

The Franques Family

Brent and LaNae are currently in their Texas hometown and are preparing for the arrival of their little one in about 2 more months. LaNae is doing well, yet please be praying for continued health for both her and the baby. Brent is able to continue working during this time and they are trying to stay as active as possible with their congregation and brothers and sisters in their area. It is their hope to maybe take another trip to visit possible supporters at the beginning of August. If your congregation would be interested in meeting with them, please send us an email and we can get that set up.

The Myers Family

They have some new things going on with them to say the least! Today Angela and Pilar have a plane ticket to come to the states after making the hard decision to come back until the effects of Covid are not felt so strongly there in Argentina. Angela said it was a roller coaster of emotions and lots of last minute details to be taken care of. They are thankful that God has opened the doors to make this possible, and even though it is hard to pick up and move themselves to another country again, they feel peace about it and trust that God will bring them back in His timing. In the meantime, they are planning to be in a 14 day quarantine and then be able to stay with family for the coming months.

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