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Winter Vacation

This month the children were on winter vacation at school which made my Nehemias very happy. We had some good time as a family and with some of his friends. A los of people travel during this time, but with the ones who didn’t we met up at the park, or invited to the house to play board games, prepare pizza or have afternoon tea, etc.

It has been nice to share and take that time to make more friends; to get to know each other. I am very happy and grateful for how God is working and for the friendships we are making. Pray for them so that God works in them and that they will come to the feet of our heavenly Father.


I love spending time with Elvira and her family! We spent a beautiful afternoon and evening at our house playing cacho (a traditional dice game from here) and a card game. Jonathan (who works near El Camino) also accompanied us and we prepared pizza for the second time with him. He is the one who taught me how to make a great pizza. My husband also gave them some books on the life of Jesus and them a little about it. I'm glad to say they are reading the books! Please continue to pray for Elvira and her family who are still having a hard time financially, still unable to find a secure job and unable to sell their home.

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