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Working On Practicalities

The weather has turned and is getting warmer. It went from 50's-60's last week and this week has been in the high 80's sometimes getting into the 90's. It looks like we'll have one more colder dip next week, but I imagine winter is over. I've looked forward to warmer weather but I don't know how much spring Tarija gets- it might just jump into summer. This means getting out the mosquito nets for the beds and putting up the cold weather clothes. One thing I like about the warmer weather is that the clothes dry so fast. Another is that the house is comfortable and not cold.

Two weeks ago we were still in cold weather and since some of the stores that sell used goods had Christmas stuff, Pilar and I did a little Christmas shopping. It was fun to go get some decorations (we're starting from basically zero there) in cold weather while wearing a coat and scarf. My northern hemisphere background still has a hard time equating Christmas with summer and swimming lessons, so it was fun to buy a snowman decoration when it was cold.

(Cold weather to warm weather.)

Things are going well here. We've had some people pop into El Camino. I am still doing my emotional health class (only two more classes to go) and sometimes people come and sometimes not, but one lady is getting more and more consistent and even invited a friend and granddaughter once.

Every week the team gets together to talk and the last couple of weeks we've been setting apart time to talk about the previous Sunday and see how to better organize the worship now that we have people outside the team and Ronald and Noemi coming. Some things like to mask or not to mask and how to do the Lord's supper are connected to the pandemic. Other things like hot gluing pads to the bottom of the chairs have to do with the echo and sound of wood chairs being moved. I had curtains made (to help with the projector) and we bought some plants. Another thing we talk about is the atmosphere that we want to promote during worship. One Sunday, Juan asked people to stand and if anyone wanted to share something they were going through they could, then we gathered around them to pray. That spontaneity and people being heard and seen and encouraged was something that we do want to keep doing in one way or another. These conversations and what comes out of them are helping us to re-evaluate and go forward more intentionally.

The team found a voice coach (I think that's what it is called) to help us with our singing. Music is such an important part of worship and we want to do something proactive in getting better at it. We met with him for the first time a couple days ago just to talk and so he could get a feel for what we are looking for. Hopefully it will work out.

A shephard has been talking his sheep through this creek bed right by El Camino

God is with us and is at work and we are thankful for where we are and what we are doing.

God is good and His love endures forever.

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