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A Friend and Christmas

I feel blessed with Liliana's friendship. Thank God we continue to get to know each other and share more time together with our children (Leo and Nehemias). We sometimes go out to the park or are at my home enjoying tea and the homemade cookies that are prepared. Sometimes only she visits us or sometimes just the two of us go out to eat something. We also went shopping and it was very fun. We always talk about the word of God. I love her personality and how interested she is in knowing more of God. She is attending church and activities with women. Please pray for her, so that she continues seeking God and comes to the feet of our Savior.

We had a blessed Christmas with many gatherings, at church, at Angela's house, at Elvira's house, at my house and also going out to the town square! We have laughed and enjoyed a lot of love, good food, chocolate, Christmas bread (panéton), Christmas cookies, board games, etc.

I am especially grateful to Jesus, who is the reason for the season and our Immanuel! Glory to God, may you have a beautiful year full of the mercy and love of our Almighty Father.

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