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A New Challenge.... and Update from Angela

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Since the beginning we have known that we have been in the hands of God. With this pandemic and with the borders being closed, we do not have a lot of security, but we leave all the plans with God and He has responded. Maybe not in the way we had planned in the beginning, but we should remember that our thoughts are not God’s thoughts.

We are saddened because Vanessa and her daughter can not accompany us in this new work in Tarija, Bolivia but on the other hand, we know God has great plans for her in Argentina. The idea of returning to Bolivia excites us a lot since it is a country we are more familiar with and we can collaborate with the other churches in Bolivia.

(Plaza in Tarija, Bolivia)

No matter the place, our hearts are ready to continue sharing the Gospel of Christ in a new place. We are very grateful for being able to go through this change with most of our old team from Sucre, who are family to us. We trust in God and are blessed to know that God is preparing us and using you to help this mission. We ask your prayers for the new work in Tarija. God bless, The Torres

(Cabrera Family, Myers Family, Torres Family)


Update from Angela:

So if it's not a pandemic or a country closing down for a year, it is now... the weather. South Texas got hit hard with the cold front, especially since this area is not used to such severe cold. We got snow, ice, power outages and water being turned off or pipes freezing. The airlines sent a text saying we should change our flights on Tuesday, so we changed them to Friday. Then on Wednesday I received another text saying to change them again because the cold front wasn't over. Now Pilar and I are scheduled to leave next Friday, the 26th.

The Cabrera family was scheduled to leave Ecuador for Bolivia on the 23rd. Because of protests being done due to the elections, they had to leave the city where Lorie's family lives early to be able to make it to Guayaquil, the city where they will be leaving from. They made it Guayaquil only to find out the airlines had changed their flight route and they were going to have a 20 hour layover in another country. This was going to make traveling with a baby really difficult, so they changed their flight to Thursday the 25th which has a shorter layover.

Continue praying for us as we continue to try and get to Bolivia. Pilar and I have to re-take a covid test because ours expired. As of today, the clinic in Uvalde is still shut down due to the weather, but hopefully might open tomorrow. We have to get the test taken Monday at the latest.

Pray for all our travels, for the weather, flights, connections, etc. Especially for the kids and baby Caleb as travel is harder on them.

Keep Vanessa and her daughter, Brittney, in your prayers as they are figuring out which direction they will go now that we are not going to Argentina.

My God be glorified in all we do and say and may His love be in us.

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