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A Surprise

Visiting Sucre was such an encouragement. Being with our brothers and sisters there was a gift from God. I was also able to visit with a group of moms and friends whose kids had been in Nicole’s ballet class and kindergarten when we lived in Sucre. It was wonderful for Nicole to be able to play with her friends of Sucre. These women really have a sweet heart. We were able to share with one another how God has blessed our kids and encourage one another to be good moms and not give up.

Our family is being blessed with a third child. We are content although it was stressful at the beginning. With all that had happened during the birth of Caleb last year, moving countries to a new city… I also didn’t know what hospital to go to here or have a doctor… I felt lost. But God has calmed this anxiety and has shown us things little by little. I have a doctor now and a hospital where I plan to go for my C-section in December. We are happy to be having a third child and although there is a lot of emotions and uncertainties because of all the changes, we trust that we will do the best we can. Please pray a lot that all will go well, that this baby is born healthy without any complications.

God bless.

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