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Loved brothers and sisters in Christ. Receive a hug in the name of the Lord Jesus. I thank you all for the care you have for us and they way you share your blessings so that we can continue to announce salvation in this beautiful city of Tarija.


Since we opened the new El Camino (contact center) by the university I have been able to share the Gospel with some of the students. This gives me great peace and jot in my heart. It is the reason why we came to Bolivia and the truth is it really fills me to be able to talk about Christ with people. This also makes me conscious of the spiritual needs of many people. A couple of days ago I met Facundo y Beatriz. They are musicians and belong to the symphony orchestra in Tarija. They are believers but in the church they assist they don’t feel accepted. The church views them as if they are weird because of the way they dress and speak. I realized they need to be loved and accepted and feel a part of the Church. I offered them a coffee and they were very thankful for what I could offer the, . They said they have assisted many places and have never been accepted like they have in El Camino. This made me happy to hear that we are showing kindness and acceptance to others and this is how we should be where ever we are so that we can be a light, joy and blessing to others.

(Top from right: Heidie with Pancho; a group at El Camino. Bottom: Facundo with Pancho)

I also met Heidie. She is a student with lots of doubts. She was baptized a while ago, but feels she didn’t really understand what she was doing and feels confused. This gave me an opurtunity to help explain what happened when she started following Christ and explain better the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. It is very gratifying to share truth that is thanks to God.

We received a visit from Beymar (a believer in Sucre) and this as also a great blessing. With him, we shared some things with a student that came into El Camino who had a lot of questions about relationships and marriage. We were able to answer some of his questions. This new location is a great blessing as it is a good tool to meeting new people. A lot of students come with questions or asking for prayers, looking for spiritual help so that they can continue in the way of the Lord. These are special and gratifying times that have encouraged me during this time here. My desire is that God uses us in a powerful way to give Him honor and glory to His blessed Name.

A hug to all. I end now until the next time in the name of the Lord Jesus.

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