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Hello everyone! Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus. May all His spiritual blessings be upon you, your families and the Church.

I wanted to share what we were able to do this month. I think most of us will talk about the first retreat we did as a Church. Many said they were going to go and in the end there were very few of us (about 30 instead of the 45 that had signed up), although they did not have to spend on transportation or food. My family and I invited some families from the school, only two arrived, but we were able to have some time with those who attended, We cooked a choripán (sausage sandwich) and had two evangelistic devotionals. It was a good time as a team, our children enjoyed the river and the pool and everyone had fun.

Our day in the country during one of the devos.


On Sunday May 26th we had our congregational agape and we celebrated Mother's Day in Bolivia. Here we celebrate it every May 27. The moms received a rose and a chocolate from the Church and each child was responsible for giving this detail to their dear mothers.

Mother's Day during the lunch after church and during services.


At El Camino with three university students.

We have students coming to El Camino to talk and study which is a blessing.

My family started a devotional at home this month that will be every Thursday night. We have only had one person come but we will continue and hope more come soon. I ask for your prayers for my family and for me.

God bless your lives, thank you for your love and support for us.

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