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Nicole going to school for the 1st time

The month of February was the start of the school year. We have been occupied by all the details that starting the school year implies. Nicole started her first year of Elementary school at the American School of Tarija where Pilar and Nehemías also go. The schools here are attempting hybrid school (half the kids go to school while half are taught on zoom and then they switch). This will start this week on the 14th of March. Nicole has gone twice to the school for evaluations and wants to go to school full time; she likes it.

We were thinking and looked for an early stimulation daycare for Caleb, even though he will not be two until June, as he is very active. We decided on one that is four blocks from the house. It is a very nice place, clean and new, with good teachers and fun toys. Caleb likes it. It is called Sprouts Daycare. He goes Monday through Friday in the mornings.

We hope, that with the kids going to school this year (not just by zoom), to meet other parents, make friends and share Christ. With the help of God and with time this will be possible.

It’s a challenge still as we still don’t have normal lives because of the pandemic, but we pray that humanity will get to a place of immunity and that above all the fear will be something that stays behind.

God bless you all.

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