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Beautiful Tarija

Greetings dear family. We are very grateful to God and to all of you who have made it posible for us to come to Tarija. We arrived the 15th of May, with the blessing of God, happy to find ourselves after years of being apart with Angela, Pilar and the Cabrera family. They welcomed us with a great meal and we stayed a week with them until we found our own place to live.


We were looking for an apartment and then decided to rent the furnished apartment where the Myers and Cabrera’s stayed when they first arrived to Tarija. For the moment, this is the best option for us. We continue to try to get Nehemiah (8) in a school and that has been hard since it’s the middle of the school year and schools are full. In the 17th of May we went to immigration to start our visa paperwork.

(Catching a flight. Having pizza with the team.)

We ask that you keep praying for each of us, that God give us wisdom to do things well and over all pray that we do work He has given us in an excellent way.

(Nehemias with Pilar, Nicole and Caleb. Nehemias outside of immigration.)

We were encouraged greatly the first Sunday we were here when we met together with Noemi, Ronal and their son Lucas. They lived in Sucre and were a part of the church there before moving to Tarija. We had such a feeling of the love and community that we had had before with the church in Sucre and the missions team there. We felt very blessed that day and the days we have had since then when we have spent time as team here. We give thanks to our Father that He has once again brought us together to begin this hope for a church here.

Thank you for your love and care for us.

We send you a hug from beautiful Tarija.

The Torres family.

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