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Blessings in People

I am very grateful and happy with the women's activities. This year it has been a great blessing to continue sharing and I have really enjoyed the Christmas crafts that I have taught. I am also very happy that Lourdes, Wilma and Liliana have been coming consistently to classes, teas or/and church. Continue praying for their lives so that they may continue in faith and in their search for our Holy Father. We have spent a nice time together sharing tea and filling ourselves with the message of the word of God through our sister Angela. May God continue to greatly use the gift she has to make more known about our Savior.

We had a beautiful afternoon and evening celebrating the birthday of Alejandro, Nehemias' classmate. We went to a bowling alley and I had time to share and talk with the other mothers. I am blessed by these mothers (Margot, Liliana and Gladys). They are always inviting me to things and I also always take the opportunity to talk about the church and especially about how good our God is.

In recent months my son's school has had some sport activities. I have been going to support the class by cheering them on and helping with the children and with anything that was needed. I really enjoyed watching the kids’ friendships and watching them play and taking advantage of continuing to get to know and be known by the rest of the mothers. They won second place in basketball. My husband, Pancho, also helped with another dad with practice games and so on.

THANK YOU for being aware of the work we are doing and that the Word is being sown in Tarija. I ask for your prayers so that our Heavenly Father opens the hearts of the people here in Tarija and the harvest is great for the glory of our God. Blessings and peace!

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