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Carnaval in Sucre

Hello to all. May God always bless your lives, all your daily work and even more in the all that you do for our Lord and God. Thank you for your help so that we can continue in Tarija announcing the good news of salvation.

I’m February there was a long holiday and my family and I went to Sucre. The church there invited my son Doddy and I to teach in the retreat they had. As always, it was with a lot of joy and blessings the time we spent with the church there. The topic was on leadership within the church. We talked about Jesus’ leadership and out a lot of emphasis on the service that each one of us should do in the church. We should all be more involved with serving our neighbor. It was very gratifying to see how the members were collaborating in the retreat. It was in truth very organized from the food to the games, the classes to the kids. Even the buses that took us to the place where we stayed were on time. It was a blessing to get to know the new members who were recently baptized and the people who were new to the group. Please continue to pray for the work in Sucre and for the work here in Tarija. The ground is hard here in Tarija but we continue to persevere forward. It is our desire that very soon the harvest will come for the honor and glory of our Father.

The weeks before Carnival we started visiting people who before had been coming regularly to church and things but for some reason had stopped. We also had a lunch inviting friends we have made here for the Thursday of Compadres (a celebration of friendships between guys). Samuel and Luis (brothers of a sister in Christ Lourdes) came. (Lourdes was a member in Sucre who moved to Argentina for work. We had not seen her in 8 years but she recently moved to Tarija.) Also Jonathan came. He is a friend we made in El Camino (our contact center) who came to watch the games of the World Cup with us.

We have a lot of hope for what God will do in this city. We pray that God brings the people who will form a part of our family in the faith. Thank you for your prayers. A hug to all. May God bless you in great ways.

Grace and peace be with you.

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