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Community Coexisting

Coexistence is very important to form a Christian community, because there is the opportunity to chat more and learn about each other's lives. Each of us come from different places and with different personalities and histories.

Times of being together help a lot to encourage each other in the knowledge of Christ. Obviously we must look for the moments and opportunities to share more time together because each one has their work and occupations.

The time on Sundays during worship is very limited to chat with people. A friend commented that he really appreciated the other times we have together because you can share more, prepare a meal together and do activities together.

Last month a group of us met to plant potatoes The growing season is coming and it had rained for a few days. I see these things as opportunities to share.

When man has contact with the earth he identifies with the creative work of God. We were made from dust and we also identify with the commandment that we will eat with the sweat of our brow. There is so much to learn as we interact with God’s creation and with what we learn we can apply it to our different tasks such as being parents or leaders.

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