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Let me start by apologizing for not posting blogs for a while. I could make excuses with holidays and everything, but honestly, I just needed a break.

December and January are slow months as they are the summer months here. Not only are students out of classes but so many are traveling and with family during this time. We are praying that things pick up this year in ministry and ask you pray with us.

The one who has been the most faithful in joining us in our services, classes and activities is Elvira, whom Mary has mentioned several times. He and her family have had hard times financially and she decided to move to another city and open an office as she is a lawyer. Her husband and two high school/ college age kids are staying in Tarija because of the kids schooling. She hopes that this will not be a long term situation but what they were doing in Tarija wasn’t working. Please pray for them that the family can be re-united soon and they can find some financial stability. This was very sad for the team as Elvira was always such a constant and encouragement.

My friend Rosana from Sucre moved to Tarija at the beginning of January and Pilar and I have spent a lot of time with her helping her get situated. This change will be hard for her but hopefully good too and we will be able to continue our weekly Bible study in person now instead of by phone. I’m prayerful that this year she will take the step of baptism. She is already such a changed person from when I first met her and her faith has grown so much in the last two years. Please pray for her in her walk with God and also difficulties she is dealing with.

Pilar and I went to Cochabamba to see her dentist. Things are going well with her expander and the dentist seemed pleased. We ended up being there for the church as they prepared for and celebrated their 16th anniversary. It’s so nice to see the church there and see how they are doing. I pray one day we will be celebrating anniversaries here in Tarija with a group of believers. We helped out where we could and I was asked to give talks to two different groups of ladies. The first was on how we need each other/ community to heal from traumas and how our traumas can be redeemed by God as he uses them to make us passionate about something. The second class was on how diversity is so beautiful and we don’t need to be threatened by it or judge others because of differences. How the body has so many different parts and that’s how God created us and also how creation shows how God loves diversity and uses it for His glory.

"It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength." Maya Angelou

Please pray for us and for the ministry here- that God will be glorified by our actions, words and attitudes, and that the church will grow this year. Also pray for the adoption. I am on the waiting list and still… well waiting to hear anything.

God bless and may our differences become a source of celebration and strength.

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