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This is Elvira and it’s been a year since we met her! She is a great blessing to all, has a big heart and is always happy. She is consistent in attending church, classes and get togethers. Basically any event we have, she is almost always there. She is always helping and is never still because she loves to serve and help where she can. She also likes to bring things to share like cookies or chips, a soda or sweet. She loves to cook and she prepares very delicious dishes. She is also very involved with her kids (Brencis and Mayralex) and loves her husband. Her family follows her example and are always helping out when they come to things also.

Please pray for her and her family as she and her husband do not have very stable jobs. They have a house in a smaller town that they are trying to sell so that they can set up a more stable business here in Tarija. Pray for them also because they are seeking and wanting to know more about God’s Word. They are such wonderful people! I am always encouraging when I spend time with them.

This month I invited Elvira for some cheese empanadas and to have some coffee with me and she came early so that she could help me make them. As I mentioned: she is never still and loves to help! And is so fast at doing things; she always beats me in finishing what we are doing : )

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