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I have been extremely blessed over the last few years to be a part of a soul/emotional heath group. It’s helped me figure out some things about myself, find some roots of things and it is a place I have found comfort and acceptance. Over the years I have wished for my teammates to be able to find a place of encouragement and counseling since I know how much I appreciate my group. People in ministry often are so busy helping others that our own needs are buried or ignored and it’s good to be ministered to. After some recent conversations with the team, it was decided that I could ask around to see if anything came about and I was blessed again (and humbled) by the people who I reached out to and their willingness to help. The team started seeing a couple, who have experience in missions and a lot of other areas, by zoom who are helping us emotionally and helping us as a team with goals, communication, and organization. We have only met a couple of times but we are all encouraged by the way things are going and can already see some of the fruit.


One of the things we try to do monthly is a class for parents to encourage, share and maybe help with some ideas. It’s a way to invite people and get to know other parents. I gave the class this month on “Accepting the Call”. Children are blessings but also imply a calling. Both of those things are important to remember because that is not how the world sees the situation and we can easily forget.


On Sunday we had our monthly lunch after services and a good group of people came. These Sundays are so encouraging and a great way to sit and talk with people. My neighbor came with her 14 year old daughter who told her mom that she liked this church because she could understand the preaching and liked the way services where done. They talked to another family who came during lunch and had some time with Pancho and others. They usually travel on the weekends to the countryside to visit the grandma but hopefully will keep us in mind when they are in Tarija on Sundays.

Church services on Sunday

We are encouraged by the people we are meeting and by the Spirit who is always with us and who leads us in truth and hope.


A little update on the adoption. My petition to adopt was accepted and so I am in the system and will hopefully hear something soon.

I also want to give a big THANK YOU to all who helped us on our book drive! These books will be a blessing to the team and the people here. Thank you for thinking of us and showing us support in this way.


Please keep the adoption and the ministry in your prayers. God is good and He causes the growth.


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