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End of the Year

I want to express my sincere thanks for all your support and generosity. This means a lot to us. We wish all of you many blessings in this new year, that the peace and love of God always rest in your hearts, and that with the help of our good Father we can fulfill all the plans we have for this year that we begin.

We are very happy! Thanks to the mercy of God, we had the first two baptisms in Tarija. Nehemias, our 11 year old son, made the decision to obey the gospel and be baptized for eternal life. This greatly comforted my soul and my heart as well as everyone in my family. Elvira, our sister, has been congregating and studying with some of us for a long time, and she gave us the wonderful news that she wanted to be baptized and belong to the flock of God. This made us very happy and encouraged us to continue persevering and sharing the gospel with more devotion to the lost. We ask for your prayers for our new brothers and we hope that many more will come in to the flock this new year.

I continue sharing with Don Julio, Don Godo, and Jonathan. They are friends that we met here. In December we shared with them a typical dish from Ecuador, a meal that is made with the belly of the cow, they liked it a lot because it is very similar to a Bolivian dish that has the same ingredients, but the preparation is different.

(A typical meal from Ecuador; With Don Julio, Godo at my home)

It was hard to spend these holidays away from Ecuador and separated from our children and parents, but thank God we are building a new family in Tarija! Thank God times are easier. Don Godo's Family invited us to share with them a typical dish which they usually eat on Christmas Eve. It's called Picana and is a soup that has pork, chicken and beef. This is how we spent our Christmas here. We very grateful to God for allowing us to have a new family in Bolivia.

(At the house, which is also a store, of Godo and Elvira; Picana soup)

May our Eternal God always bless your lives.

"For from him and through him and for him are all things.

To him be the glory forever! Amen."

Romans 11:36

Grace and peace to you.

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