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Evangelism in El Camino

The team has been looking for ways to evangelize and get people into our contact center. Right now organizing events has worked. One of those was inviting people to have a free ice cream. We did this activity one Saturday in the morning because so many people are on the street in front of El Camino that day for the street market.

The Torres family had experience making ice cream as they sold ice creams in Ecuador when they worked in ministry evangelizing in Manta. Our free ice cream

day worked well. People came in easily. We were out on the street passing out fliers and then coming in with the people who wanted an ice cream. While they sat and ate their ice cream we shared what we were doing in Tarija, what the contact center was (Bible studies, counseling and worship) and Christ.

The kids of the team loved it and were excited to invite people in and help serve them.

I really like this idea of sharing a snack or some kind of food with people because it is a way of showing God’s love. People were attracted to Christ because He showed interest in them and cared for them.

We are thinking of continuing this kind of activity so that we can meet people and show them Christ’s love. We feel more at ease now because we are meeting people from the neighborhood and finding ways to evangelize.

God bless.

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