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Finding Homes

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The team is in a time of adaptation.

The first challenge we have had since being in Tarija has been in finding apartments that are adequate for using in the ministry of Christ: opening our homes to the community.

One reason that this has been difficult is because of the zone (barrio) where we want to live. There have been other options in other parts of the city and they were either too small, too old and falling apart, the landlords were not friendly, etc. We chose to be in the barrio "Virgin of Fatima" because it is in a good location: close to the commercial district, the main university campus and the center of the city.

We have been sharing the same apartment as Angela and Pilar for months because in the same building there was the possibility of another apartment opening up on the third floor and so we have waited for the current renters to leave as they have planned. Finally the landlord told us that in about 12 days, around the 8th of June, the apartment will be open for us to move into. We are happy to be having our own space soon.

It has been good to look at apartments in different parts of the city because we have met different people and we have shared with them our purpose for being in Tarija and the work we will be doing. Some understand and others don't.

On the street where we live we are getting to know some of the neighbors, especially Estefania who has a small store and Felicidad the mom of Juanito (Pilar's classmate), who also has a small store. On weekends we go out and play ball with Juanito, Pilar, Nehemias, Nicole and Caleb on the sidewalk and street.

(My family at the river. Celebrating Pilar's birthday.)



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