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Food Shared

We prepared a lunch to share with the students of the university last month. The majority of the university students are from Tarija, but during this time of evangelism we have met students that are originally from other areas like Uyuni, Tupiza, Bermerejo and Potosi. It's really good to be doing this kind of activity as we get to meet more people. Normally people respond to an invitation to free food so it's a good strategy to meet people and share the love of Christ with them and to make new friends.

I like the idea of sharing food with others, have some conversation and encourage them to get closer to God. It's a good inversion as it is not always simple to share the Bible directly with people. Now evangelism works better in creating friendships and spending time with others. It surprises people when we invite them to eat and tell them it's free since in this world hardly anyone gives away anything.

They are grateful and feel seen and heard as we sit with them and share in conversation. The Lord Jesus used this method also and through His infinite power feed thousands of people who then felt loved by God.

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