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Four Year Wait

May the peace and love of God be ever present in each one of you our loved brothers and sisters. Thank you for your support for my family. May God bless you, your families, your work and businesses always with His generous hands. We are very happy and look forward with much expectation to what God will do in this beautiful city of Tarija.

Sunday services in Sucre

Visiting with Gabby and her kids

For four years me and my wife had the desire to return to Sucre and visit the church there, but we could not. Thanks be to God this last month we were able to go. We didn’t know how it would be or who we would see and in truth it turned out great to be there. We were able to see many of the church family who had stopped meeting a while ago and give them hugs and encourage them to persevere in the faith. This was very special.

Valeria being baptized

We were there for two weeks- from the 14-28 of September. We wanted to encourage our brothers and one thing we did was a three day seminar. The other days we had devotionals, games, ate together, etc. It was a blessed time. We had some baptisms also. Youth that had grown up in the church made the decision to obey the Gospel of Christ. It was beautiful to be present for these new births and we are very thankful to God for the opportunity that He gave us to be able to go to Sucre.

While in Sucre, we took advantage of the time and visited the church in Potosi (3 hours from Sucre). Thanks to our brother José, who with much love offered to take us in his car, we were able to make the trip twice. We went with Huber, Ruth, Juanito, Gustavo, Robertito and my wife Mary. It was good to arrive and see our brothers in the faith. They have a good heart and are always willing to welcome us and have a great desire to study the Word of God. We ask for your prayers that God may bring up workers in this city that needs it so much. With the blessing and favor of God, I would like to continue visiting this loved family in Christ. I would love to go often to continue encouraging them. There are those who desire to obey the Gospel of Christ and it is needed that they receive instruction in the way they desire to take.

(Gustavo, myself, Jose and Robertito in Potosi; The church in Potosi)

In our first visit, thanks to the favor of God, Navidad obeyed the Gospel and was born again on the 21st of September. As a servant of our Lord, these moments are ones that are marked in my mind and heart. On the 26 of September, the church in Potosi celebrated their 2nd year anniversary. The majority of the members had been assisting evangelical churches before joining this group. God is good and may He continue to bring prosperity to His work in this place.

Sharing a meal with Sandro and Sila (deacons in Sucre)

This is what I wanted to share about our trip and I’m sure my teammates will tell of other things that happened. Please know that I pray for you and am very grateful for you and all you do for us. I ask that you do not stop praying for us. We are walking on the enemy lines and am sure we are upsetting the devil by the way God is using us to liberate the souls caught in the devil’s lies. The glory is always in Christ from now until forever more.

Grace and peace be yours.

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