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Friends and Birthdays

I was very happy and thankful in the month of June as all three of my kids celebrated their birthdays. I am a very proud mother as I se how God is faithful every day. Please pray that God will continue to bless the ministries of my kids Doddy and Naomi and pray for my youngest Nehemias who just turned 11.

I have been able to spend time with seven of Nehemias’ classmates and their moms as there was a school project that took a couple of weeks. I was able to share with them about myself and learn some about them. I continue to pray for them and invite them to different activities we have. In one activitiy that we did for moms and their kids I was happy that two ladies came: Gladys and Nataly. Nataly also came to our monthly women’s meeting where we did a craft, had some tea and snacks and Angela spoke. I am excited and grateful for all that God is doing and I can see how we are making more friends and a bit more response in ministry from the people we are inviting to our homes and to the activities of the church. God is good!

Maria Isabel, our neighbor who lives next to the church, celebrated her birthday on the 18th of June, on the same date as my daughter Naomi. I made her something with a lot of love and thought of my daughter as I did so, knowing that God would put friends and family of Christ around her who would make her day special. I also thought of the friendship I have with Maria Isabel. She has always been friendly to me and I am blessed by her presence in my life. I am happy with my new friends and the people God is putting in our path.

May God bless you always! I hope you can come visit us in Tarija.

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