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Friendship is the path of getting to know people. As we teach kids, the way to get friends is to be a friend. And to cultivate this relationship there needs to sincerity and humility, which are the main ingredients in a good friendship. The Lord Jesus used material things to get close to people and, through friendship, shared the love of God.



I like to cultivate the land and here in Tarija the land is very productive. I was captured by the idea of having a spot to plant food and teach the kids how to grow things. I asked the people we rent the church building from if they had an empty lot of land somewhere close to the city that I could use to plant and they said yes and are loaning me a spot. During the summer vacation, I took advantage of the time and weather and started planting a garden and invited Pancho to help me.

Don Alejandro in his metal shop


Through this, I am getting to know Don Alejandro who has a metal shop. I was looking for a place to sharpen my gardening tools and also make some other tools that I lacked when I met Alejandro. I want to continue to visit him and continue talking about tools and hope that little by little we can form a friendship in which Christ is shared not only with him but his family too.

Please be praying that the seeds of friendship and the Gospel grow and that the harvest that God promises will come.

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