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Getting to Know People

Elvira and her two kids along with me and Nehemias

One Sunday after the service, we invited Elvira’s family to our home where we prepared a delicious lunch. We served Yapingacho, a traditional dish from Ecuador. I love spending time with this family; we always laugh at everything as they are very happy and always want to be serving. I am grateful for their friendship and how they are getting to know God. It is nice to see that Elvira's family is coming to church more often, sometimes they all come, other times just her and her husband, and they are always assisting in the different activities that we organize!


Margot and I at El Camino

On Thursdays I always invite someone for a coffee at El Camino. Sometimes I invite people I know, other times by passing out a flier. Some come, others don't, but we continue to persevere and wait on God since He is in control of His work here in Tarija.

This is Margot, a mother from Nehemias' school, her son is Nehemias' classmate. We are starting to form a friendship and I also share with her about the work. She has come to some activities. Please pray for her and her family. She is from the city de la Paz and because of her husband's work they are in Tarija and she told me that her parents are Jehovah's Witnesses. I am slowly talking about God with her.


I continue every week to pick up Nehemiah from school. I like to stay until the end (when the school closes the doors) chatting and making friends with the school mothers. Some are getting to know me and about the mission we do in Tarija.

(At Nehemias' school, shatting with other moms.)

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