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God Making a Way- a Sponsor

Since forming the team for Argentina, we have been in prayer and speaking to different people and churches about support and especially for finding an overseeing congregation. It´s not just about finances, it´s about a church who believes in the work you will be doing and will be involved in the work through encouragement, sharing their wisdom, having elders caring for the work, being responsible with the finances and being a part of the family that forms on the team.

It´s not an easy position and not one that churches should take lightly. It takes a big heart, a lot of humility and a desire for good communication. Anyone in missions knows the huge impact (positively or negatively) that churches in the States can have on the ministry in a foreign field.

We are very grateful and excited to announce that Southgate Church of Christ in San Angelo, Texas has agreed to partner with us as our overseeing congregation in the church planting work we will be doing in Argentina. They have been involved in many different missionary works over the years and most of the team has a firsthand relationship with Southgate as they have been the sponsor for the work in Sucre, Bolivia for over 13 years. Their wisdom, generosity and friendship with the Sucre work has been a huge blessing to that work and we are excited to have the privilege of working with such Spirit guided church in spreading the Gospel in Argentina.

We still are looking for support, so please consider getting involved and talk to your churches. God is going to do great things because He is a great God and we are thankful to be a part of His work. (Southgate´s contact information is included in the ¨Get Invoved¨ section of this website.)

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