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God Provides

We and the Cabrera’s have both made it to Tarija. There were unexpected delays and upsets, but God provided a way.

We were supposed to leave almost two weeks before. Then not just once but twice I had to change our reservations due to the severe weather that we had in south Texas. It might not have been bad compared to some places, but to have it snow twice in Uvalde and below freezing for almost a week (which caused power and water outages and planes to be grounded) was unheard of.

Because of the delays, we had to re-take our Covid test. No problem... until I completely blanked the day before we finally left and remembered that in all the last minute packing and thinking about my visa, I forgot to pick up the results and the clinic had closed. I do not tend to forget things like this, but I did and thanks to people who knew people and an extremely kind nurse, we did get the results that night.

When we left Argentina, I was so sure we would be back, so I left a lot of things there. Including my old passport which has my Bolivian visa. I didn’t even think of it until two days before we left. Immigration always asks for the visa- they should always ask for the visa. But there was nothing I could do but pray and think that they would at least give me a tourist visa.

All this plus the stress of moving and saying good-bye caused a lot of emotional upheaval in me.

Pilar cried the night before we left because she was so worried something would happen and we wouldn’t leave, but when I woke her carrying her to the car at 3 in the morning to get to the airport, she smiled so big and started to giggle because she was so happy she would be with Nicole soon.

31 hours passed from the time we left the house in Uvalde to getting to our hotel in Tarija. In that time, we made all our flights. I really didn’t know if we would because we had such short layovers. Our baggage was exactly at the weight limit, except one and I just had to take out a coat. In Texas they asked to see my Bolivian visa and they accepted my Bolivian ID card. In Panama they asked to see our visas and only looked at Pilar’s Bolivian passport and let us through. In Bolivia they asked for the visa and I explained and showed them my ID and they accepted it and didn’t even give me problems about Pilar not having a travel permit. It was actually the easiest time I’ve ever had going through immigration in any country. All our baggage made it. I really didn’t think that was going to happen.

It was so hard to leave the States- things just kept happening, but God was good in every step of the way- even when I couldn't see it. From airlines not charging for me having to reschedule to finding people who knew how to get ahold of a nurse who got me the Covid tests to making all our connections and immigration accepting me without a visa.

It’s hard starting again and moving to a new place, but I know God is good and merciful and will provide. I stress because I want things to be in order quickly because I feel so overwhelmed when they are not, but I remind myself that it’s not how real life works and that’s ok. It’s also different making a move with kids -things have to move slower. We got here Saturday and it’s Tuesday. We’ve figured out how to get to the main plaza, where some of the markets are, maybe found a school for the girls, found out where some of the universities are (thinking of our contact center) and little by little things will get done and fall into place. God is good and merciful and He will continue making a way.

Please keep us and all the details we need to figure out (including housing) in your prayers. Keep our kids in your prayers because the move is not easy for them. Keep the people in Tarija in your prayers - that hearts may be open, connections be made and that God’s kingdom grows. There in no growth without God’s presence and your prayers break down spiritual barriers. They are so important! I don’t think our trip to Bolivia would have gone so smoothly except for the fact that so many were praying.

May God bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you and give you peace.

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